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Chandra Farley for Georgia Public Service Commission


"The People’s Commissioner"

Together, we can build an affordable, equitable, clean energy future that benefits ALL Georgians! Join our grassroots movement today.

Chandra Farley

Why I'm Running

For too long, the Public Service Commission has made decision after decision that increases our bills, harms our health, and protects the utility monopoly.

I am running to change that! 


As the people’s commissioner, I will be a voice for ALL Georgians - the people who feel the burden of commission decisions on their households, their incomes, and their future every single day. The promise of an affordable, equitable, clean energy future depends on a new voice and a new way. That is what I will bring to the Public Service Commission!


Chandra Farley
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...I was raised by my grandparents and they remember not being able to vote. So, community service and giving back to our community was always a big part of my life. The connection between energy and environment and the link to justice was almost natural because I always put all of my interests in the context of justice and equity.


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